About World Team (full)

World Team is a multi-media project with a platform supported by people, like you, who realize that they are citizens of the world. WTN’s mission is to encourage local and global community involvement and implement sustainable solutions to environmental and social issues of consequence.

World Team is a social experiment that involves T.E.A.M.  methodology to demonstrate a process of valuing the resources of T.ime, E.nergy, A.ction and M.oney. We seek 100% renewable energy solutions, bring in  technology, experts, and team with a platform to inspire others to play to transform ourselves, and our world. Showing that T.ogether, E.verybody, A.chieves, M.ore!

We are about showing transformation  for different aspect of how we live on Planet Earth. Transformation not just for today but with care – cradle to cradle planning.  In this transformation, we strive for cultural and indigenous preservation, sacred sites, and  integrating foreign and native species to  bring out what is beautiful. We strive to live in balance with our resources.

  • Transform health with a Global Health Model
  • Transform habitat with net zero buildings, planning of cities and villages
  • Transform agriculture with organic agriculture: cradle to cradle biodynamics, integrated farming in cities including vertical farming
  • Transform the ocean with ocean restoration, conservation, learning and building with the ocean
  • Transform energy with renewable energy microgrids, alternative energy transportation trucks, vehicle, and scooters/bikes.
  • Transforming education, actual (ongoing)/experiential (past), virtual classroom
  • Transformation of water systems

In a World Team engagement, we are about community building. We do this with aerial art, community building, skating rink, interfaith, ecumenical dialogue, yoga, dance, prayer, star navigation, cultural heritage and sacred site preservation, micro-lending and social & environmental entrepreneurship, and eco-resorts

World Team engagements incorporates – Policy & Law, Social & Environmental Justice principles:

  • High seas
  • Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction (ABNJ)
  • 100% renewable energy – no fossil fuel
  • Bio-organic approach to bugs and pests – no spraying, smoking or plastics
  • Marine preserve
  • Conservation easement
  • Park land trust preservation
  • Building & permit code
  • Social justice democracy structure
  • Bitcoin blockchain currency